Temple Teleport Sample Pack (20 Pieces Of Magic Mushroom Tea + Chocolate ChocoNaut + Scooby Snacks)

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Temple Teleport Sample Pack (20 Pieces Of Magic Mushroom Tea + Chocolate ChocoNaut + Scooby Snacks)

For those psychonauts who want it all, there is the Temple Teleport Sample Pack. To please even the most discerning mind-explorer, we’ve combined our top-selling edibles in one box.

Included in the Temple Teleport Sample Pack are the following:

  • Temple Magic Mushroom Chocolate ChocoNauts, 4 pieces (0.5 grams each, 2 grams total)
  • Mushroom Party Capsules from Temple Scooby Snacks, 10 pieces (0.25 grams each, 2.5 grams total)
  • 2 cups of Earl Grey – Black Tea, Temple Magic Mushroom (1 gram per pack, 2 grams total)
  • Temple Magic Mushroom Tea (Rooibos Chai – Herbal Tea), two pieces (1 gram per pack, 2 grams total)
  • 2 cups of Lemon Ginger Gunpowder Green Tea from Temple Magic Mushroom Tea (1 gram per pack, 2 grams total)

For a total of 10.5 grams’ equivalent of magic mushrooms.

Fine imported Swiss milk chocolate is used to make Temple Magic Mushroom Chocolate Choconaut. In every bite, our unique combination delivers a milk chocolate with a smooth, velvety texture. You can progressively manage your dose thanks to the 0.5 gram of Golden Teacher mushrooms that are injected into each unique piece of chocolate.

Temple Scooby Snacks, also known as Scooby Snax, Scoobies, or Scoobs, are amusing small tablets that have 125 mg of Bee Pollen, 125 mg of Ginseng, and 250 mg of Psilocybe cubensis. This blend of herbs offers a harmonious and energizing experience.

Three flavors of Temple Magic Mushroom tea bags are available: Rooibos Chai (herbal tea), Earl Grey (black tea), and Lemon Ginger Gunpowder (Green Tea). The pickiest tea lovers will be satiated by these organic tea blends. One whole gram of Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms are contained in each shrooms tea bag (Psilocybe Cubensis). The aromatic mixes from Temple Tea taste great and work rapidly.


    June 22, 2023
    Great selection and description of what you can expect from the different varieties, makes choosing and trying different types feel like a treasure hunt :-)
    June 3, 2023
    Great rewards
    May 27, 2023
    Best selection I've seen.
    April 3, 2023
    I love these people. Orders are spot on all the time and I have been with them for more then 8 months. Trustworthy and always prompt.
    December 10, 2022
    Great selection of popular strains, great pricing, points, discounts, rewards! Can't ask for better.
    August 27, 2022
    I love the variety and the rewards to get free shipping, free product are also awesome.
    August 3, 2022
    Best place for everything :)
    March 15, 2022
    They offer superior product assortment, fast and friendly communication, and freebies based on how much you spend.
    March 4, 2022
    Communication with the stuff was good for my order. 👍👍
    December 24, 2021
    Got another order. Great product and very efficient about emailing back if you have questions or concerns.
    July 8, 2021
    The purchase itself is super suspect but I've done it twice now and both times the amazing product delivered flawlessly.
    June 18, 2021
    Quick shipping and discrete packing. Great deals every week and great selection of products. :)
    May 30, 2021
    Will be placing another order today.
    April 20, 2021
    This site is my new favourite place to get my shrooms! I've asked questions before and the customer service is so nice to deal with and super helpful.
    March 19, 2021
    The product was AMAZING!!! It was truly the best experience I've had. I will be a customer for life!!!
    March 12, 2021
    If you have a problem, the staff will do everything to make you happy :)
    January 12, 2021
    Great service
    November 5, 2020
    These have been far superior so far and I seem to be eating fresh, tasty mushrooms every day.
    August 24, 2020
    I had my doubts about sending Bitcoins transfer with no guarantee of delivery but I got exactly what I ordered when they said I would get it.
    May 11, 2020
    I love these people. Orders are spot on all the time and I have been with them for more then 8 months. Trustworthy and always prompt.
    April 9, 2020
    I have already ordered from this company multiple times and have never been disappointed. be it for their packaging, quality of items, delivery, top notch.
    March 21, 2020
    I tried their penis envy shrooms and I wasn't disappointed. Great quality, great pricing and best products. 10/10 would recommend.
    March 16, 2020
    Great service and shipping.. Had minor issue due to BTC exchange rate fluctuating wildly the day of the order but support was quick to rectify.
    February 25, 2020
    Great products, great communication. I love the one up bar. Ordering more!
    September 30, 2019
    I was skeptical at first but I am inlove with this site its great and mushrooms have changed my life for the better.
    August 19, 2019
    Great company
    July 25, 2019
    I really like the ease of the website to find what I want.
    July 19, 2019
    Lots of options and great products
    May 10, 2019
    My praising of Shrooms Online is one for the ages. I've recently ordered two batches of King Kong and Mazatapec shrooms.
    April 2, 2019
    Placed an order on Nov 18, apparently shipped my order on Nov 19. Thanks
    February 5, 2019
    Recomended best company to do business with.
    August 15, 2018
    Great product but a little expensive.
    April 19, 2018
    Ordering from here is always great! Super fast shipping and the mushrooms are always big whole pieces. 10/10
    January 26, 2018
    I tried both of their microdosing and macrodose products. Clear dosage and usage guidelines on all products and fast shipping.
    November 11, 2017
    Love it! Amazing quality I can’t describe how amazing these are. I highly recommend.
    September 13, 2017
    Very good product and many choice of quality mushrooms! Fast and discret shipping... shrooms store uk is great!!!
    July 29, 2017
    I can’t describe how amazing these are. Very uplifting and gives me motivation. My moods are better and depression is almost gone.
    July 25, 2017
    God bless these folks at Shrooms Online for what they're doing, and God bless the psychedelic renaissance happening here in the uk.
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