Wonka Psychedelic Chocolate Bars

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Wonka Psychedelic Chocolate Bars

Wonka Psychedelic Chocolate Bars Contains the highest quality organic magic mushrooms, each bar is highly potent and contains four grams of magic mushrooms. magic mushrooms chocolate bar​  Wonka Psychedelic Chocolate Bars Nottingham

You already crave chocolate. Now, from the geniuses at  Wonka, comes a delicious way to feed your psychedelic sweet tooth: WONKA Psilocybin Chocolate. A bittersweet 15 square mini bar is equivalent to 4g of psilocybin and psilocin from psychedelic mushrooms; so if you love microdosing but hate mushroom taste, eat just one piece each day – the squares are easily breakable. magic mushrooms chocolate bar​ 

Wonka Chocolate Bars Effects

20-30 minutes after ingestion you will notice a distortion of space and time, bright, beautiful colors, visual distortions, mystical experiences, euphoria and happiness. Each bar contains a different taste to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Wonka Psychedelic Chocolate Bars Queensland

One of the oldest and safest medicines in the world, psilocybin and psilocin from Psychedelics Mushrooms have been known to reduce stress, depression, stimulate brain cell growth, increase focus and sharpen your sense. magic mushrooms chocolate bar​ 

There are many health benefits of Psilocybin or Magic Mushrooms. First of all, It could be used to treat depression, PTSD and battling addiction to substances such as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

The flavors of Brand Wonka Psychedelic Chocolate Bars available are:

  • Crunch
  • Dark Chocolate Kobe Limited Edition
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Mint
  • Berries and Cream
  • Cookies and Cream

How Should I Consume Wonka Shroom Candy Bars?

The recommended dosage (depending on the type of experience you are seeking) is between 100 to 2500mg (a full bar). What’s great about this product is that you can break a Wonka Shroom bar into one or two pieces to microdose; three to four pieces provide a therapeutic dose to feel super relaxed and grounded; and, if you’re more experienced, you can consume the entire bar. magic mushrooms chocolate bar​ 


Wonka Chocolate Bars Dosage

🍄🍄  A crave-worthy Wonka Psychedelic Chocolate Bars to help you conquer your day–or make it an adventure depending on how you choose to dose





Preparing To Use Wonka Shroom Candy Bars For The First Time

Wonka Shroom bars are a great way to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms for the first time; they are easily broken into smaller pieces to help you control the dosage and not take more than you’re ready for. It’s important to prepare yourself for shrooms if you’re taking them for the first time (and never trick someone into eating this candy bar without them knowing there are psychedelics inside) magic mushrooms chocolate bar​ 

When taking psilocybin, expect to feel a significantly altered perception of your reality. Effects are most often very positive, including euphoria and elevated mood, heightened spiritual experiences, bursts of creativity, even the feeling of ego dissolution. Most users will feel a heightened sensitivity to outside stimuli. However, some first-timers report negative reactions to the shrooms, ranging from disorientation, confusion, fear and paranoia, or even nausea. magic mushrooms chocolate bar​ 

What’s amazing about psilocybin mushrooms – and Wonka Shroom Candy Bars – is how every experience is unique to the individual. Even if you can’t resist and eat the entire bar, know that it’s still a safe amount, and it won’t cause any harmful side effects. Whatever dose you take, expect the impact of psilocybin to last anywhere from four to seven hours, with the after-effects continuing up to six hours (depending on dosage).magic mushrooms chocolate bar​  Wonka Psychedelic Chocolate Bars Queensland

Wonka Shroom Candy Bars are an incredible way to experience psilocybin mushrooms regardless of your experience level. Try them today!


    April 4, 2023
    They were unable to help me with a shipping enquiry however they responded and answered all questions I had,seem like a really good company.
    April 3, 2023
    Great selection and description of what you can expect from the different varieties, makes choosing and trying different types feel like a treasure hunt :-)
    March 4, 2023
    Placed an order on Nov 18, apparently shipped my order on Nov 19. Thanks
    December 6, 2022
    Our first order of 7g penis envy went smoothly and they were exactly as described.
    October 6, 2022
    Was recommended this place when I talked about Micro-dosing for work.
    September 8, 2022
    Products are as advertised. Communication is excellent.What more could one ask for?
    June 1, 2022
    I've gotten all of my orders and will continue to use them. Prices are very competitive and they always have something in their selection for me to try.
    May 15, 2022
    Best place for everything :)
    March 21, 2022
    Best place for everything :)
    March 21, 2022
    Very quick on shipping and cheap price by far well be ordering again thanks guysand guess what it was fun 😜
    October 9, 2021
    These guys go the extra mile to with their products, packaging and instructions. Highly recommended.
    September 24, 2021
    Love all the products I have tried so far! just that some of the products I love are regularly out of stock. Excellent service and quick delivery !
    September 17, 2021
    Had another pack left (same as the previous night) and had the most psychedelic trip I have ever had in my life.
    August 25, 2021
    Purchase and delivery process was super simple and quick. Product is exactly as expected. Would definitely recommend.
    May 29, 2021
    Micro dose 5 days on 2 off and I’m slowly coming off pharmaceuticals from PTSD and MDD.
    May 18, 2021
    I was sceptical about online purchase but my order was as expected.
    January 20, 2021
    Products were very good and effective.
    December 17, 2020
    I tried their penis envy shrooms and I wasn't disappointed. Great quality, great pricing and best products. 10/10 would recommend.
    December 9, 2020
    The 3 other people that I took them with said they felt the same thing. Overall I enjoyed them.
    December 2, 2020
    Id like to start off with saying , the shipping and ordering is prompt, micro dose pills are what ive purchased and i cannot believe the difference in my mood.
    November 25, 2020
    Good service after all.
    October 21, 2020
    Very quick on shipping and cheap price by far well be ordering again thanks guysand guess what it was fun 😜
    July 10, 2020
    It would have been nice to get what they got since I referred them.
    May 4, 2020
    I really like the ease of the website to find what I want.
    November 7, 2019
    I ordered and got the penis envy and golden teachers. They delivered in 2 business days. They send constant email updates as well.
    September 25, 2019
    I've gotten all of my orders and will continue to use them. Prices are very competitive and they always have something in their selection for me to try.
    September 11, 2019
    Recomended best company to do business with.
    September 4, 2019
    Great service,great product ! It really help mental health. Improving general state. I’d recommend anyone using this site. Trustable!!
    July 22, 2019
    Quick delivery and quality products!
    May 15, 2019
    Got the blue meanies. They were pretty good. It was almost like a come & go high when I dosed with smaller amounts.
    May 2, 2019
    Great place to purchase mushrooms . Fantastic service and they have a large variety of quality items and their prices are more than fair.
    February 19, 2019
    Love love love you guys & been ordering for almost 2 years but this order was really difficult from ordering to the delivery.
    December 16, 2018
    Great value and overall experience. Also offer very quick shipping to their customers! Would highly recommend.
    September 23, 2018
    Always order there and always happy !!
    August 1, 2018
    I would definitely recommend.
    July 3, 2018
    Right from the start I was getting communication regarding my order, and ongoing shipping and tracking info.
    June 27, 2018
    Products are as advertised. Communication is excellent.What more could one ask for?
    June 7, 2018
    Awesome store and pretty quick delivery. Haven't had a complaint yet! Will shop again.
    April 4, 2018
    Great product
    December 30, 2017
    Great customer service. Shipping was late but that was Royal mail fault.
    November 29, 2017
    I got exactly what i ordered quickly and the product was exceptional.
    November 25, 2017
    Great product. Very fast delivery. Easy to navigate through website.
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